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About Enhanced Web

Enhanced Web was developed out of concern over the undesirable material on the Internet. More than a year was spent researching the possibilities of filtering it. We finally came to the conclusion that the only solution was to bring to one place the good of the Internet. Thus we began the R&D of what you see today. It turned out to be an effort spanning more than fifteen years.

Directory Search
This page contains a Directory listing of links  to quality, wholesome Websites on six primary catagories of information: Education, Faith, Government, Information, Pleasure and Things We Buy. Each site was chosen on four premises: It is a quality site, it is solely about the desired subject, it contains no filth and it has no links to sites which contain filth. We have gone to great lengths to include only material which would be described as "Family Friendly".
In addition to the Directory, this page contains links to sites on General News, Financial and Sports News. It further has some of the best search tools on the Web.
Categorical Search The Categorical Search page is very similar to the Directory Search page except that it uses a java palette to choose links and it further contains links on these subjects: Spiritual Growth, For Women, Christian Education, Christian Charities, Especially for Kids, Creation Science and Challenging Editorials.

Web Search As the title indicates, the Web Search page contains Internet search tools led by an encrypted Google search tool titled, "startpage". It is commonly believed that when a person searches with the standard Google search tool, that individuals search activity is stored in a database which is made available to the government. If you value privacy, I heartily recommend that you use our encrypted tool. You will still have the same good technology and maintain your privacy.

Further, the page contains massive resources such as links to news sites, services and galleries of photos and movies.
Recommended News The recommended news page is a listing of Websites which over time have proven to provide accurate and unbiased news. If your life is extremely busy you will do well if you will just scan the links which are highlighted in red. 
JCD Search The JCD Search page is loaded with Items of interest to persons living in North Dakota.

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