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You can be Fulfilled

by Dave Parker

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It is my conviction that the following thesis has life and death implications. Yet these truths are ignored by many and are even hated by some.

What I want you to know, not just in your mind, but through your experience, is that there is one supreme God. His name is Jehovah. He is your creator, He loves you unconditionally, and He wants you to love Him. Furthermore, it is through a love relationship, between you and God, that you will find total fulfillment.


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Maybe you don't believe in God or that He is your creator. If that's the case, I simply challenge you to reason with me for a moment.

When you consider the mind-boggling intricacy, complexity, and yet harmony of the universe, and the enormous power that holds it together, how else could it exist except that it was created by Almighty God.

The human brain is a computer so complex and with capabilities so extensive that to believe that it exists for any other reason than that it was designed and created by the all knowing God, in my mind, is unthinkable.

Consider also the automobile. To say that it has no creator or that it is simply the product of evolution is to become the laughing stock of anyone that would hear you. Any evolution that has ever taken place with regard to the automobile was totally in the minds of those who developed it. Obviously, automobiles are a product of creation and so is everything but God alone.

Possibly your response to my thesis is, "Ok, that does seem reasonable." Let's agree that there is a God who created everything. How do you know that His name is Jehovah, and what He is like?

Well, God is spirit, and He knew that we would have difficulty relating to Him because of our physical natures. So, He responded in two very special ways.

The first was that He gave us His written "Will" which is found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. That's what a testament is, you see. It's the written legal will of someone, and you don't read very far in these testaments until you realize whose "will"

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they are. They are the personal "Will" of Jehovah God.

The second thing that He did was to reveal Himself to us in the form of a man whose name was Jesus. God saw to it that Jesus was born to a young virgin woman who lived in a middle eastern town called Nazareth. This lady, whose name was Mary, found herself pregnant and carrying Jesus although she had never had any physical relationship with a man. The New Testament says that Jesus was conceived in her by the Holy Spirit of God.

In the life of Jesus, people were able to know God, to watch His life and listen as He verbalized His thoughts, to even touch Him. The people could observe His unlimited power and His knowledge of literally everything. The only reason that He was controlled by time and space was that He chose to be, although after He rose from the dead He showed otherwise. Jesus did many miracles, including bringing people back to life. He could read people's minds at will and saw people even though they were too far away to be seen by human eyes. He even walked on water and through closed doors.

Yes, God has gone to great lengths to satisfy our questions, to make Himself known to us, to show us how much He loves us and to prove to us that He is not only worthy of our love, but of our worship as well. In spite of this, people rejected God's love and rebelled against His authority as our Creator right from the beginning.

When God created the universe, He established laws that must be followed for everyone's good. Whenever any part of creation fails to follow those laws, there are consequences. For example, the law of gravity dictates that if you jump off a cliff, you will fall! If nothing stops you, down you will go. It doesn't even matter whether you know you will fall. As surely as you are alive, if you jump off a cliff, you will fall.

Now, we don't feel that the law of gravity is unfair, do we? Thinking people realize that gravity is an important element in the overall harmony of the earth as it relates to the universe. Without it there would be chaos.

Do you get the point? To obey God's universal laws brings harmony to life. To ignore or disobey them always brings destructive consequences.

When God created human life, He made us in such a way that we actually mirror Him. Some examples of this are that we have personalities, we have minds that reason, we are very creative, and probably most significant, our spirits will live forever. Our physical bodies will die because of sin but our spirits will never die.

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When God created Adam and Eve, the first human couple, He made a beautiful garden called Eden to provide for their food. In the middle of the garden He placed a tree. He told Adam and Eve, not to eat the fruit from that tree because, if they did, they would surely die. Instead of obeying God and continuing life in a paradise-like environment, they chose to disobey Him, and as a result, their sinful nature has been passed on to the inner being of every person that has ever lived.

You might say, "Why did God put a tree like that in the garden anyway?" Well, when you stop to think about it, the answer is really quite obvious. Love requires a choice. If we could not choose to obey or to disobey, to love God or not to love Him, we would be mere puppets. But God desired to be loved by people who choose to love Him, so He gave us choices and the ability to choose.

Yes, people rebelled against God right from the beginning, and they have been doing it ever since. But rebellion didn't begin with human life. Even some angels rebelled against God and as a result, He threw them out of heaven. Lucifer was the leader of that rebellion and he is still leading that rebellion against God here on earth today. We call him Satan now and we call his angels evil spirits. They are moving all over the earth seeking to deceive people and tempting them to sin. Ever since he and his "cohorts" were thrown out of heaven they have been seeking to destroy God's creation. Satan knows that he can most effectively do that by persuading people to sin. You see, sin is disobeying God's laws, and remember, disobeying God's laws always results in destructive consequences.

When the angels rebelled against God, He created a place of punishment for them which He named Hell. This place of torment is a lake of fire and sulfur that will burn forever.

Then, when people rebelled against God, He decided that those spirits of human beings that would not accept His love and who rebelled against His fair and righteous laws should also be sent to Hell with the Devil and his evil spirits where their torment will never end.

It is important to add at this point that sin not only has destructive consequences for those who sin, but our sins hurt others as well. The Testaments tell us that our sin affects people who live as much as three generations after us.

God wrote in His "Will" that we are to establish and enforce civil laws to control the rebellion of self-willed people for everyone's well-being. Our world leaders have not obeyed God's "Will" and that is why we have chaos everywhere. If this rebellion were allowed to continue unchecked, people would ultimately destroy the earth. But God will not allow humanity to do that and His day of judgement will soon be here.

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Well, rebellion against God's laws really makes a mess of life, doesn't it? And if it were not for the extent of God's love, we would all go to Hell because we have all sinned. We have all rebelled against His righteous laws. But God didn't want us to go there, even though we deserve that kind of punishment. So He provided a way that we can go to Heaven instead.

From the beginning, when people sinned, God required that they kill a lamb and offer it as a burnt sacrifice on an altar. The dead lamb did not save their spirits from Hell, but their obedience to God in sacrificing the lamb did keep them from God's judgement while they lived. God told them that the sacrifice of a lamb was a picture of what He would ultimately do to keep them from Hell. He said He would send a deliverer to earth whose name would be Messiah, or Christ. Since the early followers of God were primarily socially oppressed people, they misunderstood God to mean that the Messiah would deliver them from their earthly bondage of oppression and that He would be their king who would conquer their enemies. But instead, God meant that the Messiah would free them from the bondage of their sin, so that it would be possible for them to go to heaven rather than Hell.

God kept His word and sent the Messiah who was also called Jesus, which means Savior. As I said before, Jesus was God in human flesh, and He proved Himself worthy of being the perfect and complete sacrifice that would pay the penalty for the sins of every person that would ever live.

The New Testament says that Jesus allowed wicked people to crucify Him. That means that they laid a large wooden cross on the ground, stretched Jesus out on it and drove huge spikes through His hands and feet. In other words, they literally nailed Him to that cross. Then they picked it up with Jesus nailed to it and let it fall, bottom first, several feet into a hole to stand it upright. In that manner Jesus was left to die. Can you imagine the pain He experienced from that unthinkable torture? What death could possibly be worse?

Yes, Jesus died and He went through that horrible torture because He wanted to pay the death penalty for our sins. The sacrifice of His life was the only sacrifice sufficient to set us free.

The righteous law of God demanded the penalty of death in payment for our sins and only the death of the perfect, God-man, Jesus, would satisfy the law. However, if Jesus had remained dead, His death would have been in vain. He would have proven right the skeptics who claim that He was only a good man.

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But He was more than a good man. He was God, and because of it, neither His crucifixion or the grave could destroy Him. The authorities even placed a group of soldiers at the grave site to assure themselves that nobody would steal His body to create an illusion that Jesus had risen from the grave. They secured the tomb because it had been rumored around that Jesus had said that He would come back to life three days after His death. And that is exactly what He did. There is no question about it. He slipped out of His grave clothes, stood up, walked out of that tomb right past the guards, and went and visited some of His friends. He stayed with them for forty days during which He was seen by more than five hundred persons before He left this earth by rising up into Heaven while some of His followers stood by watching Him.

The New Testament says that Jesus went back to Heaven to prepare a place for those who love and obey Him. Heaven is described as a place of indescribable beauty where there is no sadness, sickness, pain or death. It is there that those who love, trust, and obey God will live, with Him, forever. As an added blessing, they will live in mansions and walk on literal streets of gold.

Yes, the Testaments say that God has given us another choice. They say that God has declared that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus made it possible for Him to give us the gift of living forever with Him in Heaven after our bodies die. But, they also say that we must accept His gift if it is to be ours. They further say that we do that by first accepting as fact that Jesus was God in human form and that He died to pay the penalty of our sins and that He proved that He was God by coming back to life. They go on to say that we will prove that we believe those facts if we will yield our wills to His will and commit our lives to obedience to His will as outlined in His Testaments. They say also that when we make that commitment to trust Him, God considers us to be totally righteous. Can you believe it? He actually looks at us as if we had never sinned and His Spirit gives us the ability to obey His "Wills".

You can now see that no one can rightfully blame God if they go to Hell, because He has given us the choice of going to Heaven. Those who reject God's love and His gift of eternal life, in realty, choose to go to Hell. The decision is totally ours.

Yes, the information contained here, most certainly, has life and death implications. If you ignore it, you face a never-ending life of torture in Hell. But, if you choose to love God, and prove it by committing your life to obedience to His written "Wills", you

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will someday enjoy the indescribable blessing of living forever in God's presence with others who love Him also.

My desire is that you come to know God in a very close, personal way, and thereby make the correct choice. It has been my experience that there is nothing in life that compares to the blessing that is available to those who enjoy a close relationship with Him. Therefore, I have asked God to reveal Himself to each person that reads this message.

He has promised that if we will seek Him with all of our hearts, we will find Him. Also, the Testaments say, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." Oh, how I hope that you will make every effort to become His close, personal friend. He loves you so much and He longs for you to love Him.

If only I could help you understand what it is like to be really close to God; to be consciously aware of His presence. There is no human experience to compare with it. At times, the pleasure of that awareness, emotionally speaking, has been almost more that I could stand. I have lain awake for hours, on numerous nights, enjoying Him. There is no way to describe it! The only way to identify with what I write of here is to experience it for yourself. I hope you do, and soon!

I want to warn you about something, though. God never comes where He is not sincerely wanted, and He will only come to you when you ask Him to. Invite Him now to come and be your friend and experience for yourself the incredible blessing that He planned for you. Then you will understand what it means to be truly fulfilled.

the end

Dave Parker
Dave Parker and Associates
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